Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Knit something dangerous

Scarf I made for my friend Jay for Christmas. He's a pirate, in case you didn't guess.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Just letting anyone who might want to know, pictures from the shows I've done here are now on the Playhouse website! Start here: The shows I've done so far are Virginia Woolf, Lies and Legends, Frog and Toad (that's the good one) and Plaid Tidings.

Also, the full 2nd review of Frog and Toad is here:

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Frog and Toad review, take two!

So a few weeks ago I got this review for "A Year With Frog and Toad" from John W. Sparks with the Memphis paper The Commercial Appeal (in which my costumes were referred to as "smart and witty"). Well, a new copy of another local paper, The Memphis Flyer, came out today, and we got another glowing review, this time from Chris Davis. The entire article isn't yet available online, so here are some snippets:

"'Three things you cannot dispute,' we're told in the song 'Get a Load of Toad.' 'Bamboo comes from a bamboo shoot, rutabaga comes from a rutabaga root, and Toad looks funny in a bathing suit.' And he does." (I'm just proud of this one because it took me a while to decide what I liked best for the funny bathing suit. It makes me happy every time I hear the kids cracking up during the matinees when he comes out of the water.)

"Overwhelmed by his newfound success as a mailman, Snail (Cochran) strips down to a gold-lame-accented mail carrier's uniform while singing 'I'm coming out -- of my shell.' Although the gay illusions soared over the kiddies' heads, the joke was out of place. That's not to say it was anything short of fun or fabulous." (Notable because 1. the song isn't actually a gay reference, I think it's just the person playing it; 2. this is the most controversial bit of the play, which of course means it's the *only* controversial bit; and 3. I made that outfit!)

"Oddly enough, it's [director Scott] Ferguson's eye for kitsch that makes the completely sincere A Year With Frog and Toad such a winner. Who else might have imagined birds flying south for the winter as mid-20th-century flight attendants or transformed a pair of moles into fur-wearing Russian spies." (Hm, I can think of someone else who could've imagined that. Hm... maybe... me?! I love you, Scott. But I will fight anyone for full credit for the moles being spies.)

And finally, the most important line of all, though it's only half a line because the second half is about sets.

"Laura E. Jordan's costumes are exemplary."

Heck yes. I win! However, in addition, the new copy of The Animal World also just came out, and (long story) there's a picture I took in it! It's Selina's (Costume Shop Manager) new dog, Rilo. I took the picture the first day she got the dog. Here's the photo in context, but if you want to read the article (it's about separation anxiety experienced by pets when their owners leave the house and how to help prevent it) you can download the issue in PDF format at