Friday, March 27, 2009

Movies I should see

So, starting next Wednesday, I have two months off work. I'll be at home with my family, and my parents have unlimited Blockbuster rentals, so I figure a good way to fill my time (and multitask when I'm knitting or such) is to try to see a lot of movies I feel like I should see. A lot of them are from the last couple of years, the films that people keep talking about and I have to say "I'm sorry, I haven't seen that movie, so I don't get that reference". Doubt I'll even make a dent on this list, but I've organized them all both chronologically by release year as well as alphabetically for quick reference. Feel free to suggest any film at all you think I should see, from any year; I love getting movie suggestions, and the worst that could happen is I say "I've already seen that one, actually."

1. "Sophie's Choice (1982)

2. "An Awfully Big Adventure" (1995)  ETA: It wasn't what I thought it would be, but it's okay.  Reinforced my desire to not be around too many actors.  And my desire to be around Alan Rickman.

3. "Romeo + Juliet" (1996)

4. "Simon Birch" (1998)

5. "A Midsummer Night's Dream" (1999)

6. "Mystery Men" (1999)

7. "The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999)

8. "The Virgin Suicides" (1999)

9. Dancer in the Dark (2000)

10. "X-Men" (2000) - I actually saw this one when it first came out, but don't remember anything about it, and I need to see the sequels as well, all in preparation for the awesome-looking new Wolverine movie.

11. "A Beautiful Mind" (2001)

12. "Captain Corelli's Mandolin" (2001)

13. "Donnie Darko" (2001)  ETA: This was one of the most disturbing movies I've ever gone out of my way to see.  Both because of the creepiness, and because it bothered me that I didn't "get" it until I realized... the movie just doesn't make sense.

14. "Ghost World" (2001)

15. "The Majestic" (2001)

16. "The Bourne Identity" (2002)

17. "Daredevil" (2003)

18. "Girl With a Pearl Earring" (2003)

19. "Hulk" (2003) - Another one of those I saw when it first came out (and didn't care for), but want to rewatch so I can watch the sequel as well.

20. "Anchorman" (2004)

21. "The Aviator (2004)

22. "Crash" (2004)

23. "Stage Beauty" (2004) - One of my favorite plays, but sadly the movie script is heavily altered. Tried to watch the movie once before, but fell asleep... I might give it one more shot.  ETA:  I was justified in falling asleep.

24. "Vanity Fair" (2004)

25. "Batman Begins" (2005) - Famously, I saw this when it first came out and *hated* it. But I'll give it a second chance in order to finally see the second one and see if Heath Ledger is really as spectacular in it as everyone says.  (ETA: Watched it again.  Still disliked it.  Disliked the second one, too.)

26. "Elizabethtown" (2005)

27. Fantastic Four (2005) - And the sequel, I suppose, if I can make it through the first one.

28. "Junebug" (2005)

29. "Little Children" (2006) - Because I want to see everything with Kate Winslet in it, and after "The Watchmen" I have a newfound fascination with Patrick Wilson.  ETA: Decent movie.  Sad.  Lots of nakey butt.

30. "Once" (2006)  ETA: The movie isn't as good as the soundtrack is, but it's sweet and definitely worth seeing.

31. "Scoop" (2006)

32. "Snow Cake" (2006)

33. "The Wicker Man" (2006) - I know I should probably watch the original, but this one will probably be easier to find.

34. "Across the Universe (2007)

35. "I'm Not There" (2007)

36. "Juno" (2007)

37. "The Nanny Diaries" (2007) ETA: Love Laura Linney, and she plays a great villain, turns out.  The movie's marginal.

38. "Nobel Son" (2007)

39. "Superbad" (2007)

40. "Bottle Shock" (2008)

41. "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas" (2008)

42. "The Duchess" (2008)

43. "Fanboys" (2008)

44. "Made of Honor (2008)

45. "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day" (2008)

46. "Pineapple Express" (2008)

47. "The Reader" (2008)

48. "Revolutionary Road" (2008)

49. "Role Models" (2008)

50. "Slumdog Millionaire" (2008)

51. "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" (2008)

52. "Yes Man" (2008)

53. "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" (2008)

ETA: I haven't seen "Marley and Me", and as much as I like dogs (and Jennifer Aniston), I don't think I want to. I'm certain that like every other movie about a dog, he dies in the end, and I don't care how fun the journey is, this is one of the situations where it *isn't* worth it.

Also, I deleted "How to Lose Friends and Alienate People" -- I saw the trailer for it and it looks AWFUL.

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