Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Closet Trekkie?

Okay, I'll admit, I don't know a whole lot about Star Trek. My dad must've been a fan, because we had the first 3 films bootleg-taped off TV when I was a kid -- you know, the old-fashioned way, where you had to sit by the VCR with a fresh tape and wait until your movie came on. I'm not sure at what age my older brother discovered the tapes, but I've seen those 3 movies more than I would care to count. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier remains the only one I haven't seen more than once, and is the second movie I remember seeing in a theatre (after The Land Before Time). He loved all the series as well, but I didn't see more than a few episodes of each of those. I guess you could say I became an unwitting fan, much like in later years when my brother discovered James Bond in much the same way. Ah, the days when we were still young enough to want to play with toys, but old enough where the only way I could get my brother to play My Little Ponies with me was if I let the Starship Enterprise visit Ponyland.

Anyway, back to the point. Maybe it's just old muscle memory, or Star Trek is kind of like comfort food, but I'm pretty excited about the new movie. Never mind that Zachary Quinto is in it; the hair and ears do little to obscure his hotness. But I'm interested to see the latest chapter in this saga, and am more intrigued now that I know a group of diehard fans have given the film a thumbs-up. And we all know from the last 3 Star Wars films -- fans don't have to enjoy something even if it *is* in the official "canon"... unless they're dumb.

A surprise screening of the new Star Trek film was held last night in Austin, TX. You can read the thrilling first-hand account at Ain't It Cool News. I'm sure my big brother, who lives in that area now, is pretty pissed off to not have happened to be there. I have to say that my little fangirl heart is a little achy at having missed it myself, but no matter; a few weeks, I'll have my own, Nimoy-free, official-release viewing here in Knoxville. So poo on you all who got to see it. You aren't so special. I can see Leonard Nimoy whenever I want, on YouTube.

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