Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My room

After intensely cleaning my room on Monday, I decided to take a couple of pictures, since you might be interested in seeing the state in which I live.

What I like to lovingly refer to as my "sleeping nook". It seems like a nicer name than "the only place my bed will fit". If you can't tell... I like pirates.

Keepsake shelf. Among other things, it holds:

- Harry Potter books
- Two pirate coloring books
- Christmas ornament from the hotel in Ft. Lauderdale last
November... you know, the one that just hopped into my bag all on its lonesome.
- Pirate legoman from Jason
- Jack Sparrow keychain from Sam
- Various alpaca yarns
- The first yarn I spun
- Gryffindor tie
- And further down, of course, we have Bertram Jude Flamingo.

Aaand knickknacks! I don't normally have a lot. But after finding all of these things while out and about in thrift shops since being here, I enjoy my little whatnots.
Okay, that isn't really much of my room at all. It's rather a large room. But it's kind of hard to get pictures that represent it and don't make it look ghetto. Not that it isn't ghetto. Because it is. But that's what happens when you're an intern in company housing.

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