Friday, November 23, 2007

Project monogamy?

I feel like I used to be so loyal to my projects. If I started something, I finished it. If I stepped away from it... well, I usually ended up frogging it when I found it again, because I knew I'd either never remember where I left off or, since I make up most of my patterns as I go, I'd never remember what I'd wanted it to look like.

While going through all of the crafty bits I have here in Memphis with me, I've found not one, not two, but no less than *five* separate yarny projects that are in some state of incomplete. Two are just because they're recent and I haven't felt yet like I know where I want to go next with them. Two are because I missed a deadline I had hoped to hit, and now am waiting for a reason to continue them. The fifth was because I got the job working on the cruise ships, and left it at home. Who needs a casual sweater in the Caribbean, especially when it adds to your already-astronomical baggage weight?

I've picked up the fifth project again, though I'm fairly certain I'll have to frog it in the end anyway, because I don't think it will fit me or just about anyone else I know and would give a sweater to. Oh well, at least it's practice.

What makes matters worse is that on Wednesday, I bought lace and sock yarns and size 3 DPNs with the idea that I would start knitting socks and soon make myself a really pretty lace shawl (which, of course, I would probably sell instead, since that's what happens to most of the stuff I try to make for myself).

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Carrie J said...

Hey, Just found the link to this page. I'm glad you put one up. I called Jesse yesterday and mentioned that we need a family blog. Not that he would contribute or anything.